Wholesale flowers

FiftyFlowers offers beautiful, farm fresh cut flowers and floral supplies at wholesale prices. With an incredible selection of wholesale flowers, the flowers are immediately shipped from partner flower farms around the world to the customer’s doorstep. From Roses to Ranunculus, Hydrangeas to Hypericum, Eucalyptus to Eremurus - FiftyFlowers has it ALL! When customers order wholesale flowers online with FiftyFlowers, our company prides itself on giving customers the highest level of customer service. FiftyFlowers is there every step of the way - from your flowers leaving the farms on the trucks, taking the flight to your city and on the delivery truck to your doorstep. We do this to ensure your wholesale flowers are the freshest, most beautiful flowers you will ever work with. FiftyFlowers guarantees that our wholesale flowers are the freshest, most beautiful flowers you will receive.

Wedding flowers

If you are looking for the most incredible selection of wedding flowers you have found it! FiftyFlowers has the best selection of flowers for any event! FiftyFlowers wedding flowers are sent from partner farms directly to the customer’s doorstep. Our flowers are for the novice, first time flower enthusiast all the way to the wedding professionals. All fresh flowers arrive at the customer’s doorstep in bulk or pre-arranged. The fresh cut bulk wedding flowers are for the couple who wants to arrange the flowers and create their own unique DIY wedding flowers with their style and taste. Create the wedding flowers you have always dreamt of and make your day more beautiful with flowers from FiftyFlowers. FiftyFlowers also offers wedding flowers in our pre-arranged wedding flower collections. These collections arrive in a variety of styles and are ready-to-go. Once the box arrives at your doorstep, just open it up, take out the flowers, and walk down the aisle or arrange them on the tables. Pre-made wedding flowers collections make decorating with flowers easy!

Why buy from FiftyFlowers?

Our Founder and CEO started FiftyFlowers with the consumer in mind. Twenty years ago, there were NO online flower delivery outlets that supplied farm fresh cut flowers for events. Our fearless leader came up with the brilliant idea to sell flowers online. FiftyFlowers is the pioneer in all online wholesale flower sales. We are the leader in the farm fresh flower industry. Our CEO and Founder cultivated relationships with the best farms across the world to bring the freshest, most beautiful flowers to customers’ doorsteps at excellent prices. FiftyFlowers prides itself on our Quality guarantee, and was recently presented Newsweek’s Award for Best Customer Service 2021. With over 20 years of industry experience, why go anywhere else to order your farm fresh flowers?