The Beginning Of Happily Ever After

Jaime Wright (Mom) Gig Harbor, WA
How do you sum up in words one of the biggest milestones in your daughter's life? It is not truly possible. My heart is bursting for the happiness my daughter has found together with her best friend by her side. They are starting off on life's new adventures, hand in hand, for whatever lies on the journey ahead. Regarding our flower adventure; well, it was exciting, and nerve wracking, and stressful, and amazing, and in the end I am so happy we did it this way to maximize our limited budget. My daughter and now son-in-law picked a wedding date following a holiday that fell on a Wednesday. Did I mention that the holiday fell on a Wednesday?!?! That meant extreme shipping measures were needed ... as neither UPS nor FedEx was delivering on Wednesday or Thursday that week. Some flowers made it in on Tuesday (phew!) and some on Friday (yikes!). We had a busy busy busy day before and day of the wedding to be sure! Fortunately, it was colder weather so we turned our garage into flower central (since the kitchen was cake central upstairs). The fragrance that filled the air was amazing (um, yes cake was baking everyday UPSTAIRS, and flowers were intoxicating the garage level DOWNSTAIRS). We snipped, wrapped, cut, taped, etc until, voila! At last the hour had arrived, and everything flower related was BETTER than my daughter had pictured it, despite shipping complications and flower substitutions. One of the last minute changes we made was to order 25 golden roses from the weekly FlowerFix the week of the wedding. They added just the right touch so I am so glad we did! The mother of the groom made faux floral arrangements for the ceremony arch and guest tables. Fresh floral arrangements graced the bridal party, and donned the guest book/favor table and banquet table. We used second hand (but lovely) vases for the bridal table where the ladies set their bouquets in for the reception. The ceremony was full of extended family so we also used the fresh flowers to make 10 boutonnieres and 8 corsages, each a little unique from the other yet still cohesive. Overall, a happy ending to our flower story, and a happy beginning for the next chapter in my daughters life. Show more
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Flowers Used for Jaime Wright's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages, Boutonnieres

I splurged and ordered this because my daughter fell in love with the fiddle head ferns. Sadly, they were not available at time of shipment. Also the rose spays had a lot of missing blooms. We really had to cut them down so they did not stretch as far as I had hoped. Many sprays had 6 or more "stem sprays" but only one or two blooms. The others had been cut off prior to shipment to us. On a plus note, we ordered "porcelain" color and these matched the quicksand roses impeccably. The large tropical leaves we did not end up using because I found that my skill level was not up to par to keep them from tearing when I tried to use them as ribbon alternatives to wrap the bouquets with. The black/burgundy lilies I was initially hesitant about, but they turned out to be a favorite and added a formal tone to the bouquets. I found the green dianthus to be too whimsical for the bride's bouquet (they have quite a large "puff" bloom, but they were nice in the bridesmaid's bouquet and banquet table arrangement.

Peach Mini Calla Lily Bulk Flower ( 20 Petite Calla Lilies )

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

This flower has stolen my heart, but sadly was not available at time of shipment. In fact, most of the 2 tones Calla Lilies were not available for our event. Note this if you are planning a January event like we did!

Stock Roseberry Flower ( 3 Bunches or 30 Stems )

Used for: Corsages

These smelled divine and were the perfect filler for here and there. They added a deep moody hue to the color scheme of our event. I trimed the tops off of several to uses in the coursages. Most went to the arrangement on the banquet table.

Rustic Wedding Flower Combo Box ( Small Rustic Greens Box )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages, Boutonnieres

So happy with this mix. It was everything we need to take our DIY floral project from amateur level to professional. The silver brunia and "alien pods" (scabiosa pods) as my daughter called them, added a cohesive round shape throughout our arrangements (in addition to the billy balls). Many of the components in this mix were critical to the success of the boutonnieres too. The silvery tones looked gorgeous with our gold and silver color scheme.

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Boutonnieres

These added a youthful element to the flowers and just the right pop of color. These have extremely long stems so it almost felt sad to cut many of them down for the boutonnieres. Bonus? They dry as beautiful as they are fresh and serve as a reminder of our special event months later.

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Corsages

Anemone's were exquisite. The ranunculus were very short stemmed, so could not be used in the bouquets, but they looked gorgeous clustered in a bud vase next to the guest book. These lasted a long time after the wedding too, Delicate and gorgeous.

Gold Dipped Roses ( 26 Roses )

Used for: Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Bridal Bouquet

These were a last minute addition to fill in for some of the missing flowers (ones that were thought to be available at time of order, but ended up not being able to ship at the time of our event). These were hardy and lasted well beyond our event. They also preserved beautifully dipped in wax after the event too. My daughter LOVED having these in her bridal bouquet and they were elegant (not tacky at all like I had first thought might happen). So very glad we added these at the last minute!