Pretty In Pink 35th Birthday Party!

Margaret Dickerson (Hostess) SMYRNA, GA
For my 35th birthday this year, I threw a dinner party of all of my favorite things. I ordered one large centerpiece and got so many compliments! The light pinks really tied the navy, pink and gold decor together. I added in a few hydrangeas and gardenias scavenged from the yard and one package of mixed greenery from the grocery store. I have long admired and swooned over beautiful flowers, and despair over the cost of a florist and the limited availability of grocery store flowers. I loved FiftyFlowers for the ability to get a mixed variety without ordering boxes of flowers I didn't need. The flowers arrived on time and in good shape, aside from the ranunculus which are a more fragile ... bloom. I was able to salvage most of those for small bud vases. I was pleased with the variety and condition of the flowers, and they had a nice long vase life. In addition, they were easy to arrange. I used one existing large compote and two julep cups, plus two small bud vases. I highly recommend and would definitely use them again! Show more
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The ranunculus were a little battered, but overall everything was beautiful and had a vase life of at least a week. I added in greenery and some standard roses from Costco to extend the arrangements. I ended up with one larger centerpiece, two small centerpieces, and two bud vases with the flowers sent. I loved being able to get a diverse mix of flowers not normally available in store in small event quantities.