May Wedding In Minnesota

Caroline Werner (Bride) MINNEAPOLIS, MN
I knew right away that I had wanted to do my flowers myself. My sister-in-law had, and it just seemed like so much fun (and so much more budget-friendly)!! This was one part of the wedding planning that I was excited to do myself. I love flowers, and with our wedding date set in May- I imagined lots of green, and of course, flowers everywhere! I researched a couple different wholesale options before landing on FiftyFlowers. The variety, the different services, the ease of delivery, and customer service were what sold me. I was able to easily get as many flowers as I hoped with the budget we had set aside for them. Being it my first time ever doing flowers, I went a bit conservative and only order ... flowers that seemed classic, hearty, and easy to manage. The whole process was more fun than I imagined, and the flowers were so lovely and fresh. It was also easy to supplement whatever I felt lacking with just a quick run to the market the day before the wedding. I followed the directions for delivery dates and flower care-and they held up wonderfully (even for an unexpected 95-degree day in May- in Minnesota!). Show more
Flowers by Caroline Werner

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Flowers Used for Caroline Werner's Arrangements

Classic Wedding Greenery Combo Box ( Small Pack 13 Bunches )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Perfect greenery pack! Hearty greens that look well in any centerpiece or bouquet. Loved loved loved the ferns! They were so glossy, a beautiful deep green, and help up well in the hot weather. We also used some of this greenery in the wedding arch (with some extra flowers and greenery we purchased at a local market the day before)

Pink Mini Carnation Flowers ( 8 Bunches or 80 Stems )

Used for: Centerpieces

These flowers were the prettiest pink! We used them in our centerpieces and other decor along with baby's breath and random greenery. The pink complemented the greenery perfectly! Budget-friendly and hearty (it was 95 degrees the whole week and day-of the wedding!), I was glad to have ordered these last minute.

Perfectly Peach Rustic Centerpiece ( 6 Premium Centerpieces )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets

These worked well for rearranging into bouquets. The peach flower was a little more orangey toned that I would have preferred-but still ended up looking beautiful, and complemented the blush and gray tones of the bridal party. We ended up removing the small daisies (?), they wimped out pretty early, as well as the silver dollar eucalyptus. But the roses were beautiful and opened up huge! The bridesmaids were able to add other greenery and baby's breath to fill theirs out, and I added some other roses and a lily to the brides bouquet (they were from a birthday bouquet I had received from my fiancé earlier in the week!). I also ended up using the ferns from the greenery pack to frame all of the bouquets we put together.

Classic Rose Boutonniere and Corsage Wedding Package ( 16 Piece Boutonniere & Corsage )

Used for: Corsages, Boutonnieres

I was hesitant to take on making all of our bouquets (5 bridesmaid, 1 bridal), centerpieces, other decor, as well as corsages and boutonnieres- so this was a nice options. The kept well in the fridge, only a few were browning on the edge by the day of the wedding, but still looked nice.


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