Jenny And Neil's Garden Wedding

Jennifer Carraway (Mom) LOUISVILLE, KY
To quote Monet: "I must have flowers. Always and Always." Since our family loves flowers and can never have too many , we appreciate the abundance we can afford by doing them ourselves. Our family had just celebrated Jenny's older sister's wedding in August and we had an amazing experience with Fifty Flowers. Needless to say, I was delighted when Jenny and Neil wanted me to do their flowers too! They had recently bought their house and wanted to have a garden wedding at their home. The week prior to the wedding I arrived from Virginia followed by the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. Deluged by constant rainfall their basement flooded, and the backyard became a mud pit. Eghhhaaads. Nevertheless ... the 2 of them remained calm and steadfast.....working getting everything done in preparation for the big day. Alas, as the weatherman promised, the sun came out 2 days before the wedding. Whew! I must say though, after spending that week with them I know these 2 together will be able to handle anything that comes their way! The flowers started arriving Thursday for the Saturday wedding. The more delicate flowers were delivered Friday. It was so much fun receiving each box, and watching as Jenny did the honors of opening them up. It felt like Christmas! We routinely trimmed the stems and placed them into 5 gallon buckets to get them hydrated (mind you, by this time the dry vac had done the job of pumping the water out the basement!!!). On Friday, Neil's mom and Jenny's sister and I spent the day together talking, laughing, and arranging flowers. It was delightful. Neil had built an arbor for the ceremony and we placed another arbor at the shuttle drop off/pick up point for our guests. The celosia and greens along with some salvaged berries decorated the entry arbor and the celebratory arbor was decked with the gothic lisanthus and white roses I picked up at the price club. We adorned each side of the main arbor with birdcages filled with a variety of flowers. We suspended a salvaged grapevine wreathe adorned with eucalyptus and flowers above the dance floor. We filled 12 bell jars with flowers flanking the pathway from the ceremony to the party tents. On the back porch little antique bottles featured single blossoms and greenery. We could not have been happier with the flowers. They were a mix of muted autumn tones with the pop of "black" from the dahlia and centers bouncing off the dark centers of anemone blooms. The blush bulk centerpiece flowers were gorgeous and sublime. Everything melded together beautifully to provide a beautiful backdrop for Jenny and Neil's special day! Show more
Flowers by Jennifer Carraway

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Flowers Used for Jennifer Carraway's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Corsages

A beautiful dusty pink color with outer petals fading into green. This was one of Jenny's favorites!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Other

Great variety of eucalyptus and they smelled heavenly!

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

Amazing subtle coloring....gave off the appearance of peonies without the expense. These were used in the 2 birdcages as well as various centerpieces. These blossoms elevate the old reputation of "carnations"!!!!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Boutonnieres, Other

Amazing and easy to work with. Another of Jenny's top favorites. They were breathtaking on the ceremony arbor as well as in the birdcages.

Used for: Other

Since the ranunculus were not available we chose these as a substitute. The main flower heads were bigger than expected and the color much more of a hot pink but they worked nicely with everything else and provided a nice punch of color

Rustic Wedding Flower Combo Box ( Small Rustic Greens Box )

Used for: Bridal Bouquet, Centerpieces , Other

Variety of textures and lovely additions to all our flowers....the scabies pods were fabulous in the men's boutonnieres!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful and surprisingly delicate which now I know why FF sends a few extra of these! Just the right pop of contrast to make a bolder statement among the mostly subdued tones of other chosen flowers.

Blush Bulk Centerpiece ( 12 Medium Centerpieces )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

Gorgeous and sublime combination of perfection. The blush garden roses were not available and our substitute of the "blushing ruffles" was amazing. LOVED them!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

Whimsical and fun...takes awhile to open fully. Delicate but well worth the effort. Added a cottage feel to the arrangements.

Used for: Other

"Rating" NA: We were not able to order these due to inferior quality as advised by the flower concierge.

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

We ordered "mixed" but only received 2 of the 3 colors, presumable due to unavailability. Stems become floppy if they lose hydration.....we had to replace them in the corsages bc they had wilted. Otherwise a fun textural addition!


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