Intimate Family Wedding

Susan Sylvia () Collinsville,, IL
My son finally found the woman of his dreams and being the second marriage for both, they knew everything they did NOT want in their wedding day. No huge venues, no big bridal party, no extravagant catered meal, etc. Instead, they wanted a simple, heartfelt ceremony with her son and daughter walking her down the aisle, an abundance of great food—prepared by family members; wonderful music—curated by the groom’s aunt; and an abundance of beautiful flowers—handled by the delighted mother of the groom! This 50-person wedding day was celebrated in a historic old home in southern Illinois and except for a surprise heat wave in late September (96 degrees!), everything was absolutely ... delightful. We are a family of flower lovers! I’ve ordered from FiftyFlowers before (for events, holiday home decorating, and occasionally as a show-stopping gift), so there was no question this would be a FiftyFlowers wedding! The only question was what combination would my fabulous new daughter-in-law like best? The online flower shopping and the idea-swapping process was a pure joy. She knew from the beginning that she wanted sunflowers, so we began with those but when her “something blue” became a pair of royal blue satin shoes, the color scheme immediately shifted! The sunflowers remained, but suddenly, the deep blue hydrangeas in the Varsity Blues arrangements became our obsession. The sunflowers looked absolutely great with these lush blue and white bouquets. But I had never seen hydrangeas in that amazing deep blue hue before and fearing the color might not be “real,” I decided we’d order the smallest batch possible as a test, just to see the flowers “in person” before we committed. It would also give us a better idea of exactly how the various arrangements would come together well before we were at “crunch time,” which really set me at ease. I wanted to play with the flowers and experiment a little because I was planning to do a flower crown for the bride’s daughter as well as their bouquets—I had never done either of those before. I recommend testing like this because it gives you a good idea of how much time it will take you (and how much help you might need). It will put you at ease with how to care for the flowers, and you can decide what kinds of unique things you might want to do before “wedding week pressure” is upon you! As always, the flowers arrive right on time and the friendly follow-up and advice the FiftyFlowers team provides is second to none. I knew what I was getting with DIY bouquets, roses, and greens but I was leery about mail order hydrangeas and sunflowers—but their individual packaging was great. And, the deep blue hydrangeas are the real deal—they were absolutely stunning! We also ordered a textured filler flower pack, just so we could add some variety to our arrangements. It was amazing how much “depth” these additions gave our bouquets! The biggest surprise was the delphiniums in the texture pack, which were amazingly sturdy for such delicate-looking flowers. We paired the royal blue textured filler pack with the Varsity Blues and the sunflowers and it was an absolutely joyous collection! To decorate the buffet, we ordered the fresh-cut herb assortment and simply set each variety in tall clear vases to complement the food. They looked great. We also used some of the herbs in the bridal bouquets. As a golden complement to the sunflowers, we used the Viking Poms, which look like tiny sunflowers and were especially great for the flower crown, smaller table arrangements and the bride’s “brownie tower,” which served as a “wedding cake.” Those cute little poms have tremendous staying power and will last for up to 4 weeks in a vase. Using these enabled me to make the flower crown several days ahead, so I actually set their arrival date for the early part of the week, ahead of the rest of the order. Everyone loved the flowers and was thrilled when we told the guests to take them home. Even the bartender was happy to take a bouquet. And we had enough left that I was able to share arrangements with a few friends as well as the doorman at my apartment building as a thank you for receiving and watching over all my flower shipment boxes—he was delighted to take some home to his wife! Show more

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Flowers Used for Susan Sylvia's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

Since we had so much "floral action" going on all over the venue, we selected the herbs as a simple complement to the food on the buffet tables and they were great! It's a nice assortment of large and small, sturdy and tender herbs. Used a few sprigs of mint in the bride's bouquet as well as her daughter's (though the mint wilted a bit when outdoors for the ceremony in unexpected 96º heat). Otherwise, the herbs were displayed mostly in simple vases by themselves as a simple backdrop for the array of homemade food.

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Other

These were extraordinary! Gorgeous already from the moment I opened the shipping box, they had traveled like first-class passengers, each with their own water vial and plenty of room to bloom out in the box without crushing. I had ordered these to soften some of the boldness of the bright blue in the bride’s bouquet, then selfishly kept a handful of these for myself (husband’s favorite flower) at home and they lasted over two weeks in the vase!

Used for: Centerpieces

I ordered extra mint because I wanted it for the dessert table and in table centerpieces. Ours was a late September wedding and today in December, I STILL have one bunch of it thriving in a clear glass vase at home. It took root and is quite happy, having sent out some runners and flowers!

Royal Blue Textured Filler Flower Pack ( Medium Pack - 14 Bunches )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

I am enchanted with Texture Packs! This was the first time I had used one and it made a great transition between the bold, simple blooms of our "main" bouquet flowers and provided great variety, since we were decorating an entire historic house with both large and small arrangements. Special mention for the delphiniums! I bought this particular pack, based on other reviews I'd read and they lived up to the legend. I had ordered a small pack as part of a test batch and loved it so much I ordered medium when I placed the final wedding order. The asters and the thistles were also very special. We had an unexpected heat wave during wedding week and some of the textures in this pack helped "cover" for less hardy things (like mint) that wilted a bit in the 96º heat!

Sunflowers ( 50 Standard Sunflowers )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Other

The sunflowers were absolutely perfect! They "woke up" within a day and lasted really well. They provided a great pop of color with the already bold colors of the Varsity Blues bouquets; worked for us as the dominant flower arrangements with texture packs and herbs; but also held their own in "solo" arrangements. We even floated a few blooms in shallow bowls! Loved these!

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

These cute little mums last for weeks and are extremely durable. They look like the adorable little sister of sunflowers. I used them with baby's breath and statice for a floral crown and as the main flower in a little girl's bouquet, in countless arrangements and with a few sprigs of baby's breath on a "tower" of brownies (the "wedding cake"). By ordering them to arrive earlier than the rest of the flowers, I was able to make the flower crown several days before everything else (I had tested and knew it would keep in the fridge perfectly up to a week ahead).

Papier Mache Textured Filler Pack ( Small Textured Filler Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet

I ordered this extra texture pack because I wanted the Dusty Miller and a second bunch of the white asters. But I used and loved ALL of it! And wait till you see how the Alstromeria come individually wrapped (in the blue texture pack also). Again, they lasted a couple weeks!

Varsity Blues Bridal Centerpieces ( 9 Large Centerpieces )

Used for: Centerpieces , Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid's Bouquets , Other

On their own, these are fantastic full bouquets, and when we added the sunflowers and some of the texture flowers, we ended up with an array of different looks and no two arrangements were the same. These deep blue hydrangeas are incredible! They are the real deal and NOT sprayed! We’d ordered the smallest quantity for our flower test because I was skeptical about the blue color but they were show-stoppers (and they matched the bride's bright blue shoes)! The white flowers in this bouquet are perfect, too. The mums are just as lush as the bold hydrangeas, with just enough white roses included to make it look “bridal.” And the shiny dark green foliage is a perfect complement. Word of advice: Remove these fluffy bouquets from their plastic wrappers as soon as you receive them, so the hydrangeas can open fully without being crowded. When we tested a batch early, we had no problem, but with the unexpected wedding week heat wave, the roses and mums bloomed out early in the packages, crowding the blue hydrangeas and they did not all open with the same uniform blue that the test batch had. Light seems to influence that a little bit. (Ask your FiftyFlowers consultant about this.) Still, everything looked terrific and these bouquets are a glorious, easy choice! They also offer this arrangement in a “deconstructed bouquet” option which may be easier if you’re going to break these apart like we did. Same great flowers. Look closely at the site when you’re shopping!


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