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Jennifer H Millis (Bride) Chestertown, MD
My husband Scott and I met November 22, 2006, at my new neighbors Thanksgiving Eve party. Neither of us knew it then but our lives would forever change after that night! Scott was a widower of 10 years and trying to raise his the 12-year-old son by himself, and I was just getting over a very difficult time in my life as well. We both had been married before and we both agreed we would not get married ever again! Fast forward 7 years and due to Scott’s job and traveling back and forth to Afghanistan to help fight terrorist overseas. We both agreed to get married in case something were to happen to him, I would be taken care of and our brand new house wouldn’t be sold out from ... underneath me because I could not afford those payments on my own. But mostly we got married because well, to put it simply we are madly in love!!! My first marriage began at the justice of the peace and Scott had the traditional Church wedding. I wanted a real wedding but was floored when I started pricing the wedding of my dreams, sticker shock does not do my feelings at the time justice, to say the least!! So, I did all kinds of research and we decided to get married at our home in Chestertown, Md. We chose our 7 year anniversary date as our wedding date but because it fell the week prior to Thanksgiving and on a weekday we went with Nov 30th, which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving the following week. I wanted spring/summer flowers in November and FiftyFlowers delivered!! They were beautiful and lasted for a few weeks after the wedding. I loved the boutonnières and centerpieces, I really loved the baby pink roses for my bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets, however in hindsight I can see from our pictures that the baby’s breath was not added in right and they could have been trimmed a little better...of course there were other things I wish I had noticed or thought of ahead of time. But all in all, it turned out beautifully and the only professional services we used were for the officiant, the Dj, the cake and the flowers (from FiftyFlowers!) we did everything else ourselves with the help of family and close friends!!! This will be year 6 for marriage and 13 as a couple and I look back on that day and smile!! Thank you FiftyFlowers for my DIY dream wedding flowers!! My daughter is getting married May 4th, 2019 and FiftyFlowers will be our flower vendor for this occasion as well!! In Kind Regards, Jennifer and Scott Hornback Show more
Flowers by Sandy snd friends

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Royal Blue Textured Filler Flower Pack ( Small Pack 12 Bunches )

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