A Colorful, Boho Wedding

Coley Hueske (Wedding Decorator) Dickinson, ND
I decorated a wedding for a bride who had 5 different bridesmaids dresses and envisioned a boho/eclectic/colorful themed décor. This batch of flowers was perfect for this as it has bright, vibrant colors, a mixture of textures, and can be made to cut at different heights, perfect for bottles and batches of different vases/vessels. Most of the flowers in this pack are long lasting so I didn't have to worry about wilting/hot weather, etc.

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Flowers Used for Coley Hueske's Arrangements

Used for: Centerpieces , Other

This is a gorgeous mix of flowers with different colors and textures for a boho/eclectic/vintage wedding! They work so well to use as bottle/vase fillers for centerpieces.

DIY Dahlias and Ranunculus Combo Pack ( Dahlias and Ranunculus Combo Pack )

Used for: Centerpieces

The dahlias were a great color and opened up wonderfully. I noticed they lasted longer than other dahlias I have received in the past but quite a few of them came broken off, making them unusable. The ranunculus were gorgeous and opened up beautifully. I was very surprised to see how long lasting they were! Both flowers were on the smaller side. (customer ordered Burgundy Dahlias and Pink Ranunculus)